Competition Team

NGMA’s Competition team will be competing June 2nd at the New England Open. Students can compete in:


        -Traditional forms

        -Weapon forms



Any student can compete as long as they have all of Pinan 1! This is a great opportunity to compete against other schools as well as a great team building experience for Next Generation Martial Arts!


Competition team practices will be held to help the students prepare. They will learn how to announce to the judges, pick and practice what form they will be doing, and spar if they are competing in sparring. The practices are highly recommended but not mandatory. The practices will be held:

         -April 28th 11:00-12:00

         -May 12th 11:00-12:00

         -May 26th 11:00-12:00


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Novice – White and Yellow

Beginner – Orange, Purple and Purple w/ Stripe

Intermediate – Blue, Blue w/ Stripe, Green and Green w/ Stripe

Advanced – 2nd Degree Green and Brown